Etoile Skills

As with the other successor class, there isn’t much fiddling around skill tree.
Recommended skill tree as main class : Link. It has spare PP, you can put it on attack bonus or wherever you like.

Detailed Skills

  • Etoile HP Restorate : Allows you to recover HP automatically after falling below a certain percentage. Not really a good skill but it’s an alright skill.
  • Overdrive : Allows you and your party to fully recover HP and PP, while giving you extra +50 max PP for 20 seconds. Really useful for saving friends for dying or when running out of PP.
  • Just Guard PP Aile : Recover 10 PP every successful Guard every 1 seconds. Very useful since the class revolve around Just Guarding alot, and continous attack like Mitra’s lasers will give you free PP.
  • Around Mate Up : Increase your mate recovery by 10%. It’s an alright skill.
  • All Attack Bonus ET : Attack bonus.
  • Flat Attack bonus : Attack bonus when you miss Just Attack.
  • Standing Massive : Become super-armored when standing still after awhile.
  • Etoile JA Bonus : Attack bonus when you JA on your PA or normal attack.
  • JA Critical : 50% Critical rate bonus if you cast PA or normal attack after JA window.
  • Same Arts PP save : Reduce your PA PP consumption each time you cast the same PA. Use 3 SP if you main etoile, otherwise add desirable amount.
  • Tech Arts Count Bonus : Gives you bonus damage if you cast different PA.
  • Damage Balancer : Reduce damage taken up-to 70%. Max this out.
  • Etoile Boost : Reduce more damage taken up-to 75% each time you get hit (15%/hit). Effect reduce overtime (25%/s)
  • ET Weapon Bonus 1 and 2 : Attack bonus.