Etoile Overview

Etoile is a successor class in PSO2. It has high defense while also having high offense with 3 of it’s weapon, which is Double Saber, Dual Blade, and Wand. One of the best floaty class in PSO2, taking away Bouncer and Phantom titles, Etoile focuses on parrying and counter-attacking. With it’s marvelous skill called “Damage-Balancer”, which is a flat damage reduction for 70% and Etoile Boost for up-to 75% damage reduction, Etoile has become the tankiest class in the game.

Etoile Weapons

Etoile can make use of 3 weapons, which is Double Saber, Dual Blade, and Wand.

Dual Blade (S-ATK)

Etoile’s Dual Blade focuses on parrying while dealing damage without interruption. Dual Blade weapon action is called “Parrying” which is parrying all incoming damage. With it’s skill “Just Guard PP Aile”, you can dish out damage continously without worrying about PP and getting damaged. Dual Blade gears can be consumed by stepping and pressing weapon action, allowing you to use a unique skills called “Connect” which is a sweeping slash and “Full Connect” which is a giant frontal slash, kinda like Excalibur from Fate Zero.

Pros :

  • Has decent amount of damage
  • Great for multi-bossing
  • Consistent DPS combined with Parry

Cons :

  • Slow PA
  • PA can lock you into animation
  • Stiff in terms of movement compared to other weapon

Double Saber (S-ATK)

Etoile’s Double Saber focuses on counter-attacking and dealing damage using “Skip Arts”, which is basically skipping half of Photon Arts animation. It has a long PA but combined with “Skip Arts”, you basically have a lot of PA variation to do (8 of them). Double Saber weapon action is called “Deflect”, allowing you to deflect damage to enemies after successful Guard. Double Saber gears allows you to reduce damage taken, and can be consumed for Enhanced Normal Attack by holding your normal attack button.

Pros :

  • Great (or highest DPS) for single-bossing
  • Good for mobbing in some cases

Cons :

  • Gear is consumed even if you’re taking 1 damage or debuff (ex : burn, poison)
  • Not great for multi-bossing

Wand (S-ATK or T-ATK)

Etoile’s Wand allows you to keep moving while attacking. With Etoile’s “Wand Special Ability Plus” skills, you can use any affix on your wand. Wand allows you to keep moving around in the middle of attacks. Wand weapon action is called “Protect”, which gives you a shield around your character. It has a wide area PA range and has a “Focus” version of each PA. “Focus” version of PA allows you to use a shorter, smaller area or range of PA but stronger damage, which is very good for bossing. Wand gear allows you to extend shield, and also allows you to create a sphere that deals damage at 2,5 and 5 gear consumed.

Pros :

  • Very versatile weapon
  • Great for bossing (single or multi)
  • Great for mobbing
  • Easy to guard using shield

Cons :

  • PP management is really hard
  • Can be hard and awkward to use at first

Etoile Skills

As with the other successor class, there isn’t much fiddling around skill tree.
Recommended skill tree as main class : Link. It has spare PP, you can put it on attack bonus or wherever you like.

Detailed Skills

  • Etoile HP Restorate : Allows you to recover HP automatically after falling below a certain percentage. Not really a good skill but it’s an alright skill.
  • Overdrive : Allows you and your party to fully recover HP and PP, while giving you extra +50 max PP for 20 seconds. Really useful for saving friends for dying or when running out of PP.
  • Just Guard PP Aile : Recover 10 PP every successful Guard every 1 seconds. Very useful since the class revolve around Just Guarding alot, and continous attack like Mitra’s lasers will give you free PP.
  • Around Mate Up : Increase your mate recovery by 10%. It’s an alright skill.
  • All Attack Bonus ET : Attack bonus.
  • Flat Attack bonus : Attack bonus when you miss Just Attack.
  • Standing Massive : Become super-armored when standing still after awhile.
  • Etoile JA Bonus : Attack bonus when you JA on your PA or normal attack.
  • JA Critical : 50% Critical rate bonus if you cast PA or normal attack after JA window.
  • Same Arts PP save : Reduce your PA PP consumption each time you cast the same PA. Use 3 SP if you main etoile, otherwise add desirable amount.
  • Tech Arts Count Bonus : Gives you bonus damage if you cast different PA.
  • Damage Balancer : Reduce damage taken up-to 70%. Max this out.
  • Etoile Boost : Reduce more damage taken up-to 75% each time you get hit (15%/hit). Effect reduce overtime (25%/s)
  • ET Weapon Bonus 1 and 2 : Attack bonus.

Etoile Photon Arts

To be added later.

Recommended Gear


  • Dual Blade : Stil > Liberate > Atlas EX+ = Lightstream+
  • Double Saber : Stil > Atlas EX+ = Lightstream+ > Liberate
  • Wand : Stil > Liberate = Atlas EX+ > Lightstream+

PS : While Atlas EX+ and Lightstream+ Wand can beat Liberate damage by a small margin, due to wand high PP consumption, it is recommended to get Liberate for S5 Calming Shockwave combined with S4 Raising Pursuit. Same case with Liberate DB but with S5 Thundering Pursuit.

Recommended SSA :

  • S1 : Augment Intent, Double-Edged Sword
  • S2 : Skilled Intent (1 or 2)
  • S3 : Skilled Intent (1 or 2)
  • S4 : Raising Pursuit, Colossal Radiance (Wand)
  • S5 : Mysterious Intent (DS), Thundering Pursuit (DB), Calming Shockwave (Wand)


  • 13* Lightstream (Balanced attack and PP)
  • Atlas (High attack)
  • Liberate (Attack + PP)

Recommended SSA :

  • S6 : Wise Skill, Long Night Star
  • S7 : S/R/T-Atk up 2, Attack up 2
  • S8 : Sky Dance Boon, S/R/T-Atk